• Production Line Features
  • EPE Foam Sheet Extrusion Machine: :This Machine Mainly used to produce epe foam sheet. It can make 0.5-25mm sheet, and also can produce all kind of packing,or by coating or laminating. These products are widely used to pack electron, electric equipment,arts, crafts, ceramic,lamp,computer products and furniture.

    EPE Foam Pipe Extrusion Machine: :This Machine Mainly used to produce EPE foam pipe, bar, U type, V type. Small bar can be used for the innver cushion of the mattress, sofa. Pipe can used for heating insulation, protect the fragile glass, ceramic, etc. Some other epe foam shapes can pack the spring inside for making mattress, protecting furniture, feeding part for the transportation cars, trucks, train, making toys, making water pipe coating etc. Some bigger ones can used for making YOGA bar, sea floating part, bag cushion etc. All the parts have extensive application, for the material ahve the feartures of noise and heating insulation, cushion protection, friction avoid, water, decay and moisture resistance, good elasticity, etc.

    Film Extruding Covering Machine: Also name PE Foam Pipe Bonding Machine, can cover one layer of film outside the pe foam pipes. The pipe out dia. can be adjsuted. The product combines the pipe and film functions, is used in insulation purpose or other sphere.

    EPE Foam Fruit Net Extrusion Machine: EPE Foam Fruit Net Extrusion Machine mainly produce foam net to pack fruit, vegetable for example: apple, mango, pear, orange, watermelon, which also can pack flowers, like rose, and other fragile parts, glass bottle, ceramic cup, to be cushion in the carton box, bamboo box, etc.

    EPE Foam Sheet Bonding Machine (Vertical Model): This machine also called epe foam sheet thickening machine.It is to laminate one layer of epe foam sheet to another layer. It heated by butane gas/ or electricity. The max. bonding thickeness is 180mm. This machine is a necessary machine for the deep processing.

    EPE Foam Sheet Bonding Machine (Horizontal Model): :This machine also called epe foam sheet lamination machine. It is to coat a layer of plastic film, aluminum foil, kraft paper or other roll material onto the pe foam sheet. It has embossing function. The heating method is using conduction oil and power heating.

    EPE Foam Recycling Machine :
    It is one cone-shape screw, crushing device. It used to recycle the PE, PO, ABS, NYLON, Bubble film, plastic  recycling. 
  • The EPE Foam Bonding machine / thickening machine is mainly used for one-time sheet thickness, and thickened by a double or multi-layer composite. The thickness after processing can reach 10 cm, thereby expanding the application range of EPE sheets.
    Advanced program control technology, special research and development for the pearl cotton packaging industry, just one person places the EPE on the conveyor belt, can fully automatically bond, the speed is more than twice the traditional dual station bonding equipment! The adhesive process is a non-adhesive adhesive, no hot melt glue, the product made is very flat, there is no rubber, and there is no yellowing phenomenon. Save time and save labor more labor-saving and high efficiency.
    EPE automatic tie exhaust machine will break the parenterami raw material with bubbles, to eliminate the bubbles of raw materials, reduce the time of secondary foam, and avoid product bubbling and reducing stocks. This device is controlled by servo system, with the slice, the tie machine is tied to the blade through the needle plate, release the remaining gas during the foaming process.
    Programmable logic controller control and touchscreen display can set and control working pressure, cutting depth and feeding speed, and the operation is more simple, accurate and fast. The double single side optional automatic control feeding device makes the production efficiency of the machine increase by two to three times. 
     Using computer touch screen control, servo drive feed, variable frequency speed, slice error, neat cut. And equipped with a vertical cutter, and the width is adjusted freely. Can choose from 5-7 volumes to simultaneously discharge, and the automatic counting machine is discharged. The stack is neat. The cutting length is 1-1500mm. Cutter width 1350, can be made with a hole.
    Dedicated to EPE foam and unqing EPE foam, it can also be used for hot-bubble film materials, which is an ideal equipment for making electronic components bags, wooden bags, liquid crystal clad bags.

    It is suitable for printing such packing materials as polyethylene ,polyethylene plastic bag glass paper and roll paper etc. And it is a kind of ideal printing equipment for producing paper packing bag for food, supermarket handbag, vest bag and clothes bag, etc .

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    Huizhou Fuliyuan Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003 and covers an area of 15,000 square meters. The company’s main products are EPE foaming machinery, EPE deep-processing machinery, PE stretch film machine / cling film machine machinery, PE/PP/ EVA/PU/kraft paper/aluminum film laminating machine machinery, CPE/TPU/EVA/PE cast film machine machinery, PS fast food box equipment and other plastic extruders, the products are exported to more than 60 countries around the world.
    Huizhou Fuliyuan Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in Huizhou, China. Owning our own FLY brand for more than 20 years, we have won unanimous praise from new and old customers at home and abroad. The company's high-tech enterprise has a number of patents and inventions, a professional technical research and development team, and an excellent after-sales service team to provide good services.





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High-tech enterprise, professional R&D team


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